4Life Zinc Factor

From cosmic beginnings, 4LifeElements offers you its first mineral solution from our earth for your life. Zinc Factor is a revolutionary mineral formula that combines the electromagnetic energy of ionic silver with zinc to power up your immune system. Zinc, alone, aids in normal production empowering the function of key immune system cells like T Cells. The purifying effects of silver work on an atomic level. When a silver atom loses one electron, it becomes positively charged, or ionic. Zinc Factor utilizes these electromagnetic properties to create a unique solution that combines the energy of silver with the benefits of other elements—elements like zinc. Intermix that with the electrically charged company of ionic silver, and you have bio-active zinc with a zip!* Ingesting just one ounce per day can help you activate your immune system during specific times when you may need an immune system boost.*

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Primary Support:
Immune system*

Key Ingredients
• Contains ionic Zinc at 180 mcg per 1 oz. serving
• Contains ionic Silver at 360 mcg per 1 oz. serving

Made in the USA with quality ingredients from around the world.

Features and Benefits:
• Supports the immune system using the ionic power of zinc*
• Zinc is a required element in healthy immune cell function*
• Boosts immune function using the ionic power of silver*

Directions for Use
Take 1 oz. per day for up to 28 days, as needed. Allow at least three months before consuming this product again. Do not take more than two bottles in a four-month period.

Product Specifications
Serving size: 1 oz.
Servings per container: 16


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